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For some reason I posted my entry and it was blank... argh... that makes me kinda angry... anyway, here we go again.

So school started last week. Fun stuff. My classes aren't too bad I guess. Accounting is pretty boring thus I'm forced to bring my laptop. MIS is cool. Computer programming = fun, however, teacher = boring. Math is math. And human sexuality is interesting, seems like it'll be a good class. Parking's gotten a little better, but still kinda sucks.

I have to be moved out of this house by next weekend. =( No more my-own-place. Boo. And I'm moving back in with the 'rents. Double boo. At least I'll have the big office room downstairs which is right next to the front door and across from my sister's room. Not too bad I guess. I'd love the pool house... but... it's occupied.

That's all for now I guess. I thought I had more to say... guess not. Anywho, how's everone else doing?
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