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fast but not furious

So, I want a bunch of things for my car... and it's gonna be expensive. They are as follows (and in no particular order):

- V-Limited Style Polyurethane Front Lip ($220)
- ERZ/SR*S or Invidia downpipe ($150-250)
- ERZ/SR*S or Invidia uppipe ($80-120)
- Cobb Accessport ($700)
- Cobb Springs ($250)
- gold wheels ($500-800)

That's pretty much it. A little over 2 grand. Damn that's alot of money. Argh. I hate expensive hobbies. I guess if I had to I'd skip out on the pipes and accessport and go with the lip, springs, and wheels. That's about a grand, give or take... gyah. Anyone wanna lend me some money?

Anyway, hope you all had a safe and exciting 4th. I sure did.
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