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"we're here for a convention"

Livejooouuuurnaaaaaal. How are you? I like how I ask questions to things like livejournal. And my cats. I ask them things like "hey buddy, what's the matter?" and expect them to answer in english when all I get is a "meow". Hah. How funny is that...

I suppose life has been... hm... can't find the word... fair. I suppose? I honestly cannot say, but it has had its ups and downs. I am happy for the most part. And I guess not all my questions will be answered, not all can be... and there will always be things I'll ponder... things that'll keep me up at night... things that'll make me smile, make me sad, make me angry... but that's life I guess. Mine at least. I don't know how everyone else is doing but I hope you're all winning at life!

Enough about me, let's talk about work. Actually, let's not talk about work. Work is work. Nothing to talk about there.

College maybe? No.

Friends? God I miss them. Why do you all live so frickin far away?? I guess I should be asking why do I live so frickin far away. And now John's moved back. Damnit. Someone else move up here already. Like... anybody! I guess Marie's here... but... ugh... she's too busy with... life I guess. Michelle, aren't you going to Sac State after MP? Or... is that someone else... Anyway, I miss you guys. I really do. Even though Michelle is the only one with a livejournal. And I know I'm only down there once a season but... eh... it's not as easy as it sounds. I will make more attempts this summer though.

Dance Gavin Dance is from Sacramento. Go them.
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