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total access!

So this weekend has been brutal... and that's being nice.

On friday I spent the whole afternoon and night packing and unpacking every single piece of furniture possible... Saturday morning I spent packing and unpacking more pieces of furniture that came out of nowhere... then work (which I just got home from) was a pain in the ass. I swear we were swamped from when I got there til about 10. Then it just died. Maybe two people came in. Lame. I'm going to spend all morning tomorrow moving stuff into the new house. Hopefully no random furniture will pop up... then work at night... hoo-fuckin-ray

I've given up soda for about a week now and it's tough... I got a serious caffeine headache today and wow did it suck... nothing a mocha frap couldn't fix though.

That's all. I'm tired and I've got a room to clean. Blargh
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